2014 Giving Back Program Results

2014 was by far the most challenging and rewarding year since the start of the program. Shortly after the start of the year we were asked to rescue a local homeless outreach program that had been struggling to survive the down economy. It was an all hands on deck adventure that lasted nine months and pushed the in-kind program over the top yet again.


It was time to establish a structured grant program and focus our efforts on the building apps! 

Are you ready to go all-in?

Our team is on deck and ready to help you and your company develop a corporate/personal strategy for sustainable giving!

2014 Results | $1,600,352 IN TOTAL COMMUNITY IMPACT!

$803,649 | In-kind consulting services provided to qualified nonprofit organizations.
(Original Goal: $500,000)

100,000 | Meals packaged for world hunger in partnership the Power of 10.
(Original Goal: 100,000)

$482,000 | Donation of Software Anywhere applications to qualified nonprofit organizations.

(Original Goal: $250,000)

$144,668 | Nonprofit application development, providing software at no cost to qualified organizations.

(Original Goal: 125,000)

$120,000 | Additional funds raised to assist nonprofit organizations.

(Original Goal: 100,000)

$50,035 | Cash grants/donations awarded to qualified nonprofit organizations.

(Original Goal: 100,000)

19 Kids | Annual matches supported in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  

(74 matches to date!)

One gigantic nonprofit rescue with all hands on deck!!!

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Giving Back Program History
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