Founding 10 Companies

C-Level Management, Inc.


Since the inception of the C-Level Giving Back program in late 2007, the C-Level team has been integrating philanthropy into their corporate culture as well as working with their customers to make giving back to the local community a model for success!


Year Founded: 2003 | Website:

Software Anywhere, LLC


Inspired by the Salesforce Foundation's model of providing software to non-profit organizations, Software Anywhere has been developing enterprise class donor and event management applications that are provided at no cost to qualified non-profits.


Year Founded: 2010 | Website:

Interested in Joining the Founding 10?

The Founding 10 companies have made a 10+ year comittment to eliminating the overhead expenses associated with running the Power of 10 Foundation through a unique cause marketing campaign.  This will allow donors to make a donation to one of the approved foundations with 100% of their donation reaching  the intended recipient.


If you would like to learn more about joining the Founding 10, we are ready to share our vision and bring you aboard!